Friday, April 9, 2010

Tom Scherman's Disneyland Paris Nautilus Sketches

When WDI Imagineers asked Tom Scherman to help them to build Disneyland Paris Nautilus, Tom did a series of sketches showing the inside of the mythical submarine. Let’s have a look at a selection of some of these incredibly detailed sketches. Tom made these sketches in 1993, on site during the construction of the Nautilus' interior to aid workers who were unsure of the actual details.

This first one is Tom’s sketch for the “Treasure Room” located at the entrance of the DLP Nautilus walk-through.

Here is one for the walk way to Nemo’s cabin.

He also did many different sketches for the famous diving room...

As well as for some of its elements like the load ring or the diving well.

And even more details like the ring support or a vertical pipe.

Not to mention the diving suit rack.

Tom is the one who did the diving suits that anyone can see now inside the diving chamber!

Of course he provided drawings for Nemo’s grand salon.

As well as for the grand window and other Nautilus windows and brackets...

Some details too for the salon viewport iris control...

And of course for Nemo’s pipe organ.

When guests leave Nemo’s grand salon, they find on the left a window with seaweed behind it, here is Tom’s sketch for it.

Here is two sketches for the walk way between the grand salon and the pump room - the pump room is located at the end of the Nautilus walk through.

And here is two sketches for the pump room door itself.

He knew so much the Nautilus in details that he was able to provide incredible detailed sketches on some elements like these below

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