Friday, April 9, 2010

Disneyland Paris " Les Mystères du Nautilus " Attraction

Here is a great pictorial tribute to Disneyland Paris "Les Mystères du Nautilus" attraction which would not have been built without the help of Tom Scherman.

Opened in 1994 thanks to the beautiful work of Discoveryland show-producer Tim Delaney along with dozens of WDI artists, sculptors, etc..."Les Mystères du Nautilus" attraction couldn't have been built without Tom Scherman who, as Harper Goff had passed away, was the last one to know the secrets of the legendary submarine. Some of you may never had the luck to visit Disneyland Paris, and this visit of the Nautilus walk-through, thanks to great pictures and a HD video will give you a better idea of the amazing work that Tom and WDI Imagineers did on this attraction.

And what about reading this article while you listen to 20000 Leagues Under the Sea great music? All you have to do is to click on play on the widget below.

All the pictures are high-res wallpaper pictures, which mean they will do great wallpaper for your desktop. Double-click on each of them to see and get them in high-res. However, please note that pictures of the inside may be a little bit less sharp than the one of the exterior, as no stand was used.

Here we go, and do not miss also the Nautilus panoramic pictures and the new HD Video of "Les Mystères du Nautilus" attraction! You will find them on a special page HERE.

The next pictures are exterior views of the submarine in the Discoveryland lagoon.

Before the entrance, guests can have a look to this Nautilus map.

Here is a picture of the entrance hallway where you can hear the voice of Captain Nemo welcoming you.

The entrance of the submarine, with the treasure room in the back.

The first room is Captain Nemo's bedroom. Here is different views of it.

The next one is the beautiful map room...

....where guests can also see a map of Vulcania Island.

Next room is the diving room - the diving suits were made by Tom Scherman himself.

We arrive then in the famous Captain Nemo's Grand Salon where guests can watch a giant squid attack. Click on "play" on the widget below to listen the full original squid attack show as DLP guests could experience it when the attraction opened in 1994.

...and hear the sound of the organ...

...where Captain Nemo appears regularly.

Right behind is the Machine room...

And then the exit...

Guests go back to the surface by walking through this hallway.

Beautiful view of Discoveryland awaits them as soon as they go out.

Let's end with more pictures of the Nautilus in the lagoon.

Do not miss the new HD Video of "Les Mystères du Nautilus" attraction! You will find it on a special page HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the visit and the tremendous work from Tom and DLP Imagineers!

Photos: copyright Daniel Rous - Thanks to Daniel for his great pictures!

Giant squid attack picture: copyright Disney

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