Monday, February 21, 2011

Filming 20000 Leagues under the Sea - A 1954 LIFE Magazine Special Report - Part Three : the Color Shots

In this LIFE Magazine 20000 Leagues under the Sea special report article series i've kept the best for the end with these 1954 color pictures! Yes, 1954 underwater color pictures! Isn't it great? If you missed the two first parts, you will find the part one HERE and the part two HERE.

Just like with the black and white pictures, LIFE photographer shot Captain Nemo and the Nautilus crewmen during the filming at Bahamas islands. On the top and below, Captain Nemo.

A series of others pictures showing the Nautilus crewmen.

Some pictures showing the film propmen bringing fish for one of the movie's sequence.

A last underwater picture, showing one of the LIFE photographers?

Hope you enjoyed these rare pictures of the underwater filming of 20000 Leagues, soon we'll be back "over water" with others great pics of 20000 Leagues, but this time, not from LIFE magazine!

All pictures: copyright TIME-LIFE Magazine

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